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Man Looking Over Fence
12 Jan

Proper Fence Etiquette – Be Good To Your Neighbours

Know Your Boundaries and Limitations

Property line location is actually often the source of friction between next-door neighbors. Understanding where your property lines end and handling property disagreements considerately could make the difference between appreciating your home and fearing to go into your very own backyard. To avoid a costly error, carefully think about fence placement close to property lines. Having a fence installed over the property line can lead to the fence being moved but installing the fence too far from the line can also be costly.

As an example, a homeowner chose to fence in his backyard in order to contain his dog. He left a gap of two feet in between the new fence and his property line to avoid encroaching on the property next door. Eventually, his neighbor installed an identical fence exactly on the property line, which resulted in a narrow strip of lawn between the two fences which could not be easily cut or trimmed. The only option for the initial homeowner was to relocate his fence 2 feet up to the property line. This created the odd looking situation where two identical fences were touching each other back to back. Surely, it would certainly just be easier to talk about the fence plans before installation.

Residential property or neighbor disputes can easily often lead to the construction of, what is called, ‘the spite fence’. A grudge fence is a fence that is installed for no objective, other than to irritate or in some way harm a neighbor. One homeowner recently asked about setting up the ugliest fence possible just so that his neighbor would be forced to look at it. Bear in mind that a spite fence could not only make a neighbor conflict worse, but it may also be illegal. Many locations have state or local laws against spite fences. And, in areas where these laws do not exist, legal action can still be taken under the common law practice of private nuisance.

Remember, good fences make good neighbors.

Listen to HOA Guidelines

Fencing companies in Victoria won’t typically know your specific HOA dos and don’ts so you need to learn those before installing a new fence. Unless you want to deal with committee persistence and engage in a dispute, follow your HOA guidelines. HOAs can regulate style, height, and maintenance. Unfortunately, if your HOA wants all structures to match, you won’t have as many creative options.

Many local municipalities require building permits for fence installation. The homeowner is responsible for obtaining any required permits. In addition, local municipalities or homeowners associations may restrict fence style, height or location. For example, backyard privacy fences may be permitted as high as 6’ while front yard fences may be limited to 4’ high. Knowing the local codes may save the expense of paying a fine or moving/replacing a fence.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors before installing a home fence can save you from upsetting disputes, awkward property lines and competing for fence styles. If property line issues exist, resolve them before installation. No need to show neighbors the design—that’s just inviting trouble. They have to live with your choice unless it lowers property values or is dangerous.

Keep up with Maintenance

Having dirty or damaged fencing is not only unappealing for you but it affects the neighborhood’s appeal as well. When it comes to fence repair, preventative maintenance is key. Whether it is a fence for privacy, for the family pet, or for home security, fences are both useful and beautiful. However, owning a fence also comes with fence maintenance and repair. Monitoring and maintaining your fence is the best way to keep small problems from becoming major disasters. Read our blog “Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Homeowners” to learn the best ways to maintain your fence and keep your neighbors happy.

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